Amend Budget 2023 to Address Housing and Homelessness Crisis

Chrystia Freeland

The federal budget recently tabled in Ottawa failed to do anything to meaningfully address the housing and homelessness crises Canada faces.

There was no relief for the tens of thousands of Canadians who are unsure how they’ll be able to pay their rent this week. Nothing more to help support people experiencing homelessness into permanent housing. Nothing that will make a meaningful difference to those in the greatest housing need.

Over the next few weeks, the budget will be moving through the Finance Committee and Parliament and we can keep campaigning to get meaningful support and investment in it.

We have to keep up the pressure to include critical housing measures in the budget. If enough of us take action and join the chorus of voices calling for housing to be included, they’ll be forced to respond.

Will you take the following action to get housing back on the agenda?

Write a letter to your MP and the Minister of Finance TODAY, urging them to amend the Budget legislation to include the CAEH's proposed Homelessness Prevention and Housing Benefit. We've drafted a template and made it for you to easily quickly send a message off.