Tell the Government: Build a Better Housing Budget

As homelessness reaches record levels across the country, the federal government is building their updated housing strategy and 2024 Budget.

This is the last Budget where meaningful change can happen before the next election.  

Let's send a message so big they can't ignore us and put pressure on the government to make the changes needed to fix the housing crisis and end homelessness in Canada.

Please, send a message right now to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland, and Housing Minister Sean Fraser asking them to include six key policies that will address the immediate challenges, while helping end the housing crisis. 

Homelessness is solvable and we know how to solve it, the only thing missing is political will. But thanks to you, we've already begun moving the needle and the government has never been so open to making changes as it is right now.  

Building on the National Housing Accord, we’re calling for the federal government to support the construction of 655,000 social housing units, create a Homelessness Prevention & Housing Benefit to immediately support those at risk of homelessness, a Refugee and Asylum Seeker Resettlement Program that ensures those fleeing to Canada don’t end up in homeless shelters here, an Encampment Response program, an urgent expansion and extension of Reaching Home to help communities respond to exploding homelessness and a Homelessness Reduction Accelerator Fund to remove barriers and speed progress on solving homelessness. Find out more about the policy proposals here.

Send a message now to decision-makers in Ottawa and tell them that the 2024 Federal Budget must be the Housing and Homelessness Budget.