Send a letter to the editor to Build a Better Housing Budget

Right now, tens of thousands of Canadians are sleeping in vans, living in tent or sleeping on a friend’s couch. Millions more Canadians are simply struggling to pay their rent or mortgage. Chrystia Freeland, Canada's Finance Minister, has said that housing is her number one priority for the upcoming federal budget, but we need to make sure that the government fully understands just how difficult the housing situation is for everyday Canadians. 

We know the Finance Minister is paying close attention to what’s said in the media about them – and regular folks can get in the media just by writing a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. Every day, staff in ministers’ offices scour media sources from across the country to see what’s being said about the government — and they respond to what’s being said. Now, more than ever, your opinion can have a huge impact on the government's housing policy decisions.  

Will you send a letter to the editor of your local newspaper how the cost of housing is impacting you or your loved ones and how the federal government has to do more in the upcoming budget? 

For most ordinary Canadians, housing has become the source of extreme anxiety and instability in their lives. We're asking the Finance Minister to include a Homelessness Prevention and Housing Benefit which would provide emergency funding for those at-risk of losing their homes and those who are experiencing homelessness right now, as well as five other policies that will get affordable housing built and provide urgent relief to people experiencing homelessness.  

We've created a version of a letter to the editor to help you send a message out quickly, but if you could add your own personal message, that is what really counts. Tell the editor how you feel about the current state of housing and homelessness in Canada and what the Finance Minister should do about it.  

Send your letter to the editor now and speak your truth about housing and homelessness. The more your letter is personal, the stronger it will be.