Send an Email to Party Leaders and Housing Critics to Build a Better Housing Budget

Since 2019, homelessness has risen in Canada every year. As the federal government ponders its next budget, the leaders of all other parties in Parliament are in a unique position to influence the minority government and demand that housing be the number one priority in the next federal budget.  

The budget will only pass if other parties vote with the government for the Budget. The NDP, the Conservatives and the Bloc leaders have a huge say on what will be put into the budget and all three parties have made it clear that housing and homelessness are crises that require immediate action.  

Please, send a message right now to political leaders and housing critics asking them they insist that government include six key policies in the Federal Budget that will address the immediate challenges of homelessness, while helping end the housing crisis.

Right now, Canadians are suffering because of the high cost of living and tens of thousands are living either in encampments, in temporary shelters or on the streets.  

Leaders of all parties have clearly stated that the current situation is completely unacceptable. Canadians are fed up with the federal government's response to this critical double national emergency of housing affordability and homelessness. People want our political leaders to band together and vote for a Federal Budget that will radically shift Canada towards affordable housing and away from homelessness and inequality. But we need your support to demonstrate that demand. 

We've outlined six key policies in a letter which include immediately helping those about to lose their homes, those experiencing homelessness and a plan to get build more affordable housing, starting now.  

Don't delay, the Federal Budget is only a few weeks away, ask political leaders and housing critics to force the government to include these policies in the next Budget. We need to end homelessness and the housing crisis in Canada now.