Call the PM and ask him to prevent homelessness

Thank you for speaking up for your friends and neighbours in need! We’ve made calling the Prime Minister’s office as easy as possible so you can do this quickly and effectively. Here’s what to do: 

  1. Find the phone you plan to use for the call and keep it next to you 
  2. Click the "Make the call" button and wait for your own phone to ring — answer it and it will connect you with the general line to the Prime Minister’s Office 
  3. When someone picks up, or it goes to voicemail if calling out of hours, use the following points to explain the reason for your call: 
    1. Homelessness is rising across Canada, due to the ongoing impact of the pandemic and hugely accelerated by the cost-of-living crisis. There is a wave of new homelessness sweeping the country that is devastating thousands of people – causing harm that will last for decades to come. 
    2. The Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness has released a new policy proposal, called the Homelessness Prevention and Housing Benefit, ahead of the federal budget calling on Justin Trudeau and his cabinet to implement income supports to prevent this new wave of homelessness. This proposal would help 385,000 people remain in their homes and support 50,000 people experiencing homelessness into housing. 
    3. The only way to quickly halt this wave of new homelessness is by introducing income supplements to support people to remain in their current home and help those experiencing chronic homelessness afford housing. This is because 75% of people in core-housing need and 85% of people experiencing homelessness just cannot afford to pay rent. 
    4. As a voter, I urge Justin Trudeau and his government to put the Homelessness Prevention and Housing Benefit into the next federal budget to give people in need a leg up.  
    5. Thank you 

That’s it! Once you’ve made the call, you can hang up and pat yourself on the back. Your one minute on the phone will make all the difference in this fight to support families on the verge of crisis. Thank you again for taking action.