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74% of Canadians believe that homelessness is increasing in their communities — and it is.

In a sample of 14 communities that carefully measure the number of people experiencing homelessness, there has been an average increase of 31% since before the pandemic. 

One-third increase in homelessness since 2020.
Stop 385,000 people from losing their homes

A targeted Homelessness Prevention and Housing Benefit, funded by the federal government, would support hundreds of thousands of Canadians who are struggling to pay their rent in the face of the cost-of-living crisis we're experiencing.

One in four Canadians are worried about paying their rent next month — up almost 10% from two years ago. This crisis affects everyone: working people, seniors, couples, veterans, families and even children.

Help 50,000 people move out of homelessness

The costs of not doing this are unthinkable. It would mean tens of thousands of more people experiencing the trauma of homelessness and have hurt Canadians for generations to come. 

But we can stop this. To prevent this wave of new homelessness, we need to pressure the federal government into including this new benefit in the upcoming federal budget.