Stop the Forced Displacement of Vulnerable Edmontonians

UPDATE: The Coalition for Justice and Human Rights' injunction was successful. Edmonton Police Service's encampment sweeps have been limited until a full court hearing on January 11, 2024. However, this is just a temporary pause. We need to keep the pressure up on the City Council, Police Commission and Police Chief and demand a housing-focused resolution to encampments in Edmonton.

Encampments are unsafe but are often the only option for those without a home. Clearing them destroys people’s belongings and increases risks of violence, trauma and death. Research shows that encampment clearings directly cause more overdoses and deaths of people experiencing homelessness. Edmonton needs to take an approach that moves people sheltering in encampments into housing compassionately, rather than using police to force them to move on.

If enough of us let them know we condemn their actions and demand they stop, they’ll be forced to halt their unpopular and expensive plans to displace our most vulnerable residents and implement on a housing-focused response.

This holiday season, join us by standing up for vulnerable Edmontonians and demand Edmonton City Councillors, the Police Commission, and the Police Chief stop the police’s cruel encampment closure plans. 

Take a stand now. Send an email and demand an end to this harmful clearing and support a compassionate approach for our unhoused neighbours. 

You can help the legal efforts to stop this clearing by also donating to the Coalition for Justice and Human Rights’ legal fund. Donate here